ADF Dispensing in CA, FL, KY

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This poster (PDF: ADFOpioids_CAFLKY_2018) was recently presented at an UK internal meeting using prescription monitoring program data from 3 states. Check out the link for product-specific rates and self-pay breakdown.

Authors: John R. Brown, GYeon Oh, Patricia R. Freeman, Chris Delcher, Yanning Wang, and Svetla Slavova

Abuse-deterrent formulation (ADF) opioids are designed to deter abuse by known or expected routes (e.g. crushing to snort or dissolving to inject). The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) encourages ADF opioid development as a means to address the opioid epidemic. There are five brand name ADF opioid products commercially available in the US. Use of ADF opioids within clinical practice is not well understood and may vary based upon patient- and policy-level factors


  • Rates of ADF prescribing varied by age and were greatest among patients ages 55 to 74 years
  • ADF prescribing rates appeared to vary by rurality both within and among states and were lowest in metro areas with higher rates clustered in some areas
  • OxyContin® accounted for a majority of ADF prescriptions in all three states
  • Most ADF prescriptions were paid via insurance; private pay accounted for less than 16% of total claims
  • Further research is necessary to understand what factors may impact differences in ADF prescribing

The authors acknowledge the Kentucky All Schedule Prescription Electronic Reporting System (KASPER) Staff with the KY Cabinet for Health and Family Services for support of this project.

Days’ Supply Pharmacy Validation
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Linked Opioid Mortality Surveillance
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