NC STOP Act Evaluation


Evaluation of State-Mandated Acute and Post-Surgical Pain-Specific Opioid Prescribing Guidelines

This CDC-funded project examines the impact of state-mandated opioid prescribing guidelines for acute and post-surgical pain. The outcomes being studied are: 1) physicians’ opioid prescribing behaviors; and 2) opioid safety outcomes among patients, including fatal and non-fatal overdose. This project includes a process evaluation of the state law mandating opioid prescribing limits for acute and post-surgical pain, including recommendations to inform and improve future legislative initiatives.

PI: Shabbar Ranapurwala, PhD, MPH

Stephen W. Marshall, PhD
Nabarun Dasgupta, PhD, MPH
Rebecca B. Naumann, PhD, MSPH
Meghan E. Shanahan, PhD, MPH

Shabbar Ranapurwala
Epidemiologist, Physician

Maryalice Nocera
Project Manager, Nurse

Nabarun Dasgupta
Epidemiologist, Factotum

Toska Cooper
Project Manager