Street Check: Drug Checking App

Lived Experience

What we are doing

Knowing what’s in a drug keeps you safer. Street Check creates a streamlined process for collecting to-be-checked samples at the local level. This phone based app organizes the process for collecting info to carry out community drug checking, whether just using test strips or more complex devices. Street Check speeds analysis, provides easy to understand results back, and gives just-in-time reminders of key messages and information. To help program partners build more efficient and sustainable community drug checking, partners can tailor the app to the type of community drug checking they offer, can manage the types of information and materials that are provided at the share-back, and can see if and when result share backs occur. Street Check will standardize procedures and anonymous data collected about community drug checking so that programs can provide drug checking results faster and focus on doing what they do best: connecting with and supporting people who use drugs. A companion website of the same name will provide password-protected and secured access for participating programs to see the same data as in the app, and will house publicly available summaries and
interactive tools to explore trends.

Who is conducting and supporting the study

Key partners for this effort include the North Carolina Survivors Union (NCSU), Brandeis University and the University of North Carolina Injury Prevention Research Center. NCSU is a self-support group of people with lived experience of drug use, operating within a drop-in center and harm reduction program in Greensboro, North Carolina.

This study is funded by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health via a sub-award through Brandeis University. We encourage you to learn more about the work that our partners are doing (Brandeis University Opioid Policy Research Collaborative).

Studies at the Opioid Data Lab are conducted by independent researchers and do not necessarily represent the views of funders or partners.

Nabarun Dasgupta
Epidemiologist, Factotum

Laura Michelson
Project Director

Traci Green

Don Jackson
Harm Reductionist, Drug Checker

Erin Tracy
Analytical Chemist

Brandie Erhmann
Analytical Chemist

Diane Weatherspoon